Menu of the Month for 2


This is our August Menu of the Month for 2 people! It is £25 for 2-courses – you can add desserts as an optional extra!

The menu includes:

1 x Green Chutney | 1 x Mango Chutney | 1 x Tamarind Sauce | 1 x Coriander, Onion & Lime Garnish | 1 x Chopped Chillies | 1 x Side Salsa

Starter 1
Spiced Chaat Salad (NEW)
A super fresh, textured Summer salad with Bombay potatoes, chickpeas, peas and crunchy sprinkles. Mild
Starter 2
Onion Bhaji (4)
Sliced onions in spiced batter, deep fried. Medium to Hot
Main 1
Ragda Patties (NEW)
A sweetly spiced chickpea curry with crispy potato cakes. Medium. Contains gluten
Main 2
Vegetable and potato curry with dumplings
An assortment of Indian green vegetables with light chickpea flour dumplings. Medium to Hot
Pilau Rice
Basmati rice cooked with onions and spices
Naan (1 large)
Plain flatbread. Contains gluten

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